Political Parties

Any and all relationships between CNH Industrial and political parties, as well as their representatives or candidates (collectively, Political Parties), are conducted according to the highest standards of transparency and integrity.

Financial contributions to Political Parties are only allowed where permitted by law, and must be authorized at the appropriate level within each legal entity. As in the past, in 2014, no contributions were made to Political Parties.

Any political association or financial contribution made by an employee is considered a personal matter, and completely voluntary. This includes contributions made through a Political Action Committee (PAC).

In the USA, in accordance with applicable laws, CNH Industrial provides administrative support to the CNH Industrial Excellence in Government Fund (a PAC), which collects voluntary personal contributions from Company employees for donation to candidates and/or other PACs. Information relating to these contributions is available on the US Federal Election Commission website1.

(1) www.fec.gov