Product Ergonomics and Safe Use

Keeping operators safe while they work has always been a key factor in CNH Industrial’s product design and development (see also page 147). Indeed, the Company strives not only to set and comply with high safety standards, but also to direct its innovations according to users’ understanding. The Company’s products are used as work equipment, hence the simpler the interaction between operator and machine, the safer the task performed.

Furthermore, construction and agricultural equipment is often used under difficult conditions: steep slopes and extreme weather require products able to guarantee total safety and maximum comfort, minimizing the risk of human error caused by excessive fatigue. For this reason, all CNH Industrial products are designed to shift the user’s focus from how a machine works to how a task is performed, combining ergonomics and comfort for increasingly intuitive and user-friendly controls. Spacious cabs, effective climate control, and Bluetooth-enabled radio systems for hands-free calls are some of the features that enhance working conditions for the operator. Significantly lower cab noise and vibration levels are also essential because they lessen operator fatigue, especially during long working days and on difficult terrain.

In the Agricultural Equipment segment, all CNH Industrial tractors are fitted with a Falling Object Protection System (FOPS) to protect the cab and operator from objects falling from above, which is a very common hazard when working with a front loader or in potentially hazardous areas. Tractors are also equipped with long-range video cameras, connected to the on-board display, that transfer rear and side view images of the tractor; this increases safety considerably when operating particularly large equipment or very long trailers, and avoids the need for the operator to continually turn around to check maneuvers. The owner and maintenance manuals include an entire chapter on the safe use of each machine (see also page 220).

In agriculture, safety is vital, not only when working in the fields, but also when travelling by road from one field to another. In this case, technologies such as ABS make tractors safer when on the road by enhancing brake performance, thus improving maneuverability and enhancing vehicle safety when working at an incline (see also table on page 211).

In 2014, New Holland Agriculture further enhanced the comfort levels of some of its tractors. For example, the New Holland Agriculture TD3.50 Series underwent a major upgrade, presenting a new fuel tank design. Safety, ergonomics, and styling were improved by separating the rear linkage and operator platform with a steel partition behind the seat. Ergonomics were enhanced by revising the layout of controls, moving the shuttle shift lever to the left of the steering wheel, repositioning the Lift-O-Matic™ and hand throttle controls for better comfort, and clustering the design of the draft and position controls, grouping functions for greater ease of use. The foot pedals were ergonomically redesigned and repositioned, the steering wheel was raised and tilted forward, and the seat was repositioned to improve operator posture when sitting. Stability was improved by the cast front-axle support, which is stronger and provides better weight distribution, together with the longer 2,057 mm wheelbase and the tractor’s shorter overall dimensions.

Safe tractor parking is fundamental as operating conditions can include steep gradients of up to 45%. To this end, the mechanical park-lock is available in conjunction with the Dual Command™ transmission. This system, featured on T4 Medium and T4 LP tractors, prevents any forward or reverse creep when parked on steep slopes, even with a fully loaded trailer. To further enhance safety, it must be manually deactivated before driving can be engaged.

The best-in-class T4 PowerStar™ cab was further enhanced with the addition of an optional, dedicated baler bar, which is used to mount in-cab monitors such as those for balers and wrappers. Its position to the right of the operator puts it in the ideal line of sight during operations.

On the TD5 tractor, for maximum operator comfort, the layout of controls is now even more ergonomic and the new dashboard features vehicle speed and Power Take-Off indicators. The new exhaust position on the A-pillar provides fully unobstructed visibility, allowing the operator to work with even greater precision.

The very latest New Holland CR combine harvesters include the new Harvest Suite™ Ultra cabin, providing very high levels of comfort when harvesting. To further enhance ergonomics and comfort, the 3.7 cubic meter cabin is larger than its predecessor and has a fully redesigned interior. The new CommandGrip™ multifunction control handle is intuitive to use and allows fine-tuning the harvesting speed to optimize performance. The new control panel was designed to provide ergonomic and user-friendly controls.

The ultra-wide 26.4 cm IntelliView™ IV color touchscreen puts all key parameters at the operator’s fingertips, and is mounted on rollers for comfortable positioning. A second, optional IntelliView™ display is available for greater information and data requirements.

The new cab also surpasses previous models by offering 6.3 square meters of glass surfaces (7% more than previous models), that, combined with the floor sloping down into the front windscreen, give excellent all-round visibility and a clear view of the edge of the header. Three seat options are available to offer increasing levels of comfort: the standard, wide cloth-trimmed seat; the optional deluxe cloth-trimmed seat with heating and active ventilation; and the top-of-the-range leather-trimmed seat with extendable vertical travel and automatic weight adjustment. When harvesting continues into the night, the precision lighting package ensures a clear view of the entire header and of the field ahead. The auger light ensures unloading precision, while four rear work lights allow the operator to continue harvesting just as efficiently even after dark. Available HID and LED work lights enable long distance visibility.

The new Case IH Magnum Rowtrac tractors feature a restyled cab roof as well as new, better-positioned lighting packages, also found on the 2015 Magnum wheeled tractors, for reduced eye strain when working at night. The new lighting packages also offer optional LED lights at different intensities, including a 360° LED setup for superior nighttime operation.

The luxury cab in the Case IH Axial-Flow harvester provides an unrivaled working environment for the operator, featuring electronically-adjustable mirrors, generous storage space, a semi-active seat suspension option, and a refrigerated coolbox.

The new Steyr Multi tractor offers a new protection frame for forestry use, based on a modular concept that can be individually adapted to suit operating conditions. The levels of protection offered by the forestry frame are thus customizable, guaranteeing maximum safety for both operator and machine. The basic specification for forest work comprises a sturdy belly pan that protects the engine, transmission and rear axle, as well as the fuel and hydraulic oil tanks. The engine and hydraulic units are further protected by side guards. The cab frame is supported by four posts with reinforced mounting points. The new shatter-proof rear window is made of new materials that make the traditional protective grill unnecessary, and improves visibility of the rear working area, for example when loading or dragging logs. The optional contoured hood guard was completely redesigned, giving optimal all-round visibility and enough space to use an optional front loader with a log grapple. The basic model of the forestry frame is equipped with a detachable rearview mirror, movable steps, and steel cables serving as branch deflectors. In forestry operations, Nokian Multiplus tires are standard; they minimize ground pressure and damage to the forest soil during work.

The safe use of construction equipment is also greatly supported by ergonomics and comfort of use. With regard to passive safety, the cabs of all CNH Industrial brand models are supplied with a Falling Object Protection System (FOPS) against objects falling from above, and with Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) in the event of vehicle rollover. Additionally, the owner and maintenance manuals include an entire chapter on the safe use of each machine (see also page 220). Lastly, all potentially dangerous machine components are listed and decaled onto the side of the machine itself. Maintenance activities are performed from the ground, to minimize the risk of accidents.

In 2014, Case Construction Equipment introduced the new F-Series line of compact wheel loaders.

The new 21F, 121F, 221F, and 321F models feature increased attachment compatibility, new electronic controls exclusive to these models, and added cab comfort for improved machine performance and reduced operator fatigue. The two smaller units, the 21F and 121F, are available with two separate loader arm designs – a z-bar model for greater breakout force when using buckets and similar attachments, and a parallel lift arm for improved stability and balance when using forks and other lifting attachments for loading and transportation. All new F-Series compact wheel loaders feature exclusive new electronic controls that increase precision and reduce operator fatigue compared to mechanical controls. Using simple rocker switches and control dials, operators can increase engine speed and other operating parameters without affecting travel speed. This improves performance and productivity when using attachments such as cold planers and brooms, which require low travel speeds and high RPMs. All four models also feature the Case Automatic Ride Control feature, previously available only on larger machines, which engages at higher speeds to reduce spillage and machine looping.

New Holland Construction’s 200 Series skid steer loaders and compact track loaders offer the anti-bounce Glide Ride option, which prevents the arm from bouncing when traveling, ensuring the bucket stays full even on rough terrain, thus enhancing operator comfort. The optional self-leveling system provides increased attachment control since the bucket stays parallel to the ground during loader-raising operations, preventing material spillage and improving precision when handling loads.

The 200 Series cab is designed for best-in-class comfort and outstanding all-round visibility, allowing the operator to work with confidence and get more done in less time. The low threshold offers an excellent front view, while the large side windows give the operator full control over the machine and the critical areas of the wheels and tracks. The rear window is even larger than before, providing, along with the Super Boom® design, unobstructed rear visibility. For improved safety, the ample roof window provides a clear view of the bucket at full extension. The sophisticated design of the 200 Series enables simple, intuitive maintenance, even on the models with advanced Tier 4 engine technology. Since the main service points are grouped and easily accessible at ground level, daily maintenance operations can be completed quickly and efficiently. The boom can be locked in the upper position from inside the cab, allowing such operations to be carried out safely. Moreover, the cab is automatically locked when tilted, ensuring the operator’s safety.

The new M-Series line of dozers offered by Case Construction Equipment feature a cab-forward design with floorto- ceiling glass doors for industry-leading visibility, right down to the blade. A sloped hood and the operator’s position in the cab provide excellent ground visibility in front of the machine. Moreover, the M-Series features a sealed and pressurized cab minimizing the presence of dust and other materials in the operating environment. A significant noise reduction compared to previous models, down to 75 dBA, lessens operator fatigue, while additional features, such as the factory-installed radio and environmental controls, make this Case’s most comfortable dozer cab.

As with all Case Construction Equipment machines, all service and maintenance points in the new CX350D hydraulic excavator are easily accessible. The new operator environment also features one of the largest monitors in the industry, giving operators real-time access to important performance parameters, such as fuel consumption, hours of operation, and machine data. It also features a camera for optimal job-site visibility and operator awareness.

The DV209 and DV210 high-frequency asphalt compactors feature a new and spacious operator environment designed to give operators better work visibility, while the intelligent positioning of controls and monitors makes the machines easier to control. A new operator station capable of turning and sliding across the entire width of the cab gives the operator visibility of the drum surfaces, edges, and spraying bars. Large front and rear mirrors (with optional enclosed cab configuration) help ensure optimal visibility. The new DV209 and DV210 also feature a color monitor conveniently located in the center of the steering wheel to give operators easy access to important operational information, as well as controls for speed, frequency, vibration, and sprinkler adjustments. The monitor remains in the same position even when the steering wheel is rotating, for easy reading and control.

Great care went into comfort in the New Daily, Van of the Year 2014. The interior of the cab was completely redesigned to make life on board more pleasant. The instrument panel was also redesigned to improve vehicle ergonomics, while the position and feel of both seat and steering wheel are comparable to that of a car. All controls and storage compartments are easily within reach, including five enclosed storage spaces and three cup-holders, plus purpose-designed compartments for everyday objects such as cellphones and tablets. Sound-absorbing materials improve cabin soundproofing, and the air conditioning is more efficient to optimize the quality of life on board whatever the load or mission.

Additionally, the IVECONNECT platform offers the driver a complete range of infotainment and telematics with radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth®, rear view camera, and navigator, activated via a touchscreen built into the dashboard. The vehicle’s loading platform is 55 mm lower, making loading and unloading quick and straightforward.

The New Daily meets even more stringent safety standards: in addition to the standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the van now features a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), shown to be very effective in preventing accidents caused by distraction or dozing off at the wheel. The New Daily is also equipped with a pushbar and side protection bars for total protection, developed to improve active and passive safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike in the event of impact.

The new generation of Daily Minibuses offers all the advantages of the New Daily, but in four different versions for four main types of mission: long distance, tourist, urban, and school. The driver can depend on reliable safety systems, such as ESP and LDWS, and on a drive and level of comfort similar to a car. The new seat with lower H-point and a smaller steering wheel enable better vehicle handling. The new modern design guarantees passenger comfort, even on long-distance journeys, with an improved air conditioning and circulation system and factoryfitted air suspension.

The new Daily Camper provides the ultimate comfort however long the trip. The ergonomic position of both seat and controls, the adjustable steering wheel (45 mm longitudinal adjustment), and features such as cruise control reduce driver fatigue and aid concentration. Wide-angle visibility, both via the windshield and the large, wide-angle rearview mirrors, ensures the highest safety standards while driving, even with large motorhomes. Further comfort comes from the electronically-controlled air suspension on the rear axle, providing excellent shock absorption for a quiet and stable drive.

Through its advanced technology and meticulous design, bus and coach manufacturer Iveco Bus ensures drivers and passengers industry-leading levels of safety. The brand’s ongoing research and development has resulted in the production of vehicles that surpass safety standards and regulations.

Passive safety is reinforced by the robust bodywork acting as a safety cell in the event of vehicle overturn, in accordance with European Directive R66, and by the design of the passenger compartment, which was developed to reduce the risk of injury, and that integrates three-point seatbelts in all exposed areas. Additionally, the integrated independent front suspension with independent front wheels guarantees outstanding road grip and perfect directional stability, and minimizes vehicle pitching and rolling. Moreover, coaches for school transportation are fitted with an alcohol ignition interlock that requires the driver to exhale into a breathalyzer before the vehicle can be started. Numerous state-of-the-art features (see table below) ensure high levels of active and preventive safety.

Furthermore, the driver’s field of vision on all Iveco Bus buses and coaches is entirely unobstructed thanks to large panoramic windshields and safety equipment enabling the continual monitoring of the vehicle’s peripheral areas.

External heated and electronically-controlled mirrors, an additional wide-angle mirror on the right-hand side, and a rearview video camera positioned behind the vehicle are all available as optional. For urban mobility, Iveco Bus launched an Urbanway with a special focus on the driver area, developed as per the latest standards (such as the UITP-recommended European Bus System of the Future (EBSF) and designed to enhance ergonomics, comfort, and safety. The Urbanway‘s driver area is 46 centimeters above ground level, which provides unique benefits such as long-distance visibility above passenger car level for safety, as well as an elevated position compared to bus passengers ensuring eye-to-eye contact for security perposes.


   Light RangeHeavy RangeBusTractor
ACCAdaptive Cruise Controlensures a safe distance from the vehicle ahead via a radar located on
the front bumper, and automatically triggers the brakes when the safety
distance is not maintained
ABSAnti-lock Braking Systemallows the wheels on a motor vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the
road surface according to driver inputs while braking
AEBSAdvanced Emergency Braking Systemalerts the driver to a potential collision and automatically activates the
brakes to help prevent impact or reduce impact speed
ASRAnti-Slip Regulationoptimizes traction and directional stability under acceleration       
BASBrake Assist Systemreduces stopping distances and increases braking force in emergency
situations. It also incorporates ABS, ASR, and EBL
-Bi-Xenon headlightsimprove night time visibility       
DRLDaytime Running Lightslow-power position lights that remain on during transit ensuring maximum
vehicle visibility
DASDriver Attention Supportcontinuously monitors the driver’s attention level. It processes steering
wheel movements and, should any drowsiness be detected, alerts the
driver with an acoustic or visual warning
EBLElectronic Brake Limiterautomatically varies the amount of force applied to each vehicle brake        
ESPElectronic Stability Programcorrects the vehicle’s trajectory in case of loss of steering control        
HHHill Holderprovides assistance when starting a vehicle on an incline, preventing it
from rolling backwards for a few seconds after the foot brake is released
LDWSLane Departure Warning Systemalerts the driver when the vehicle moves out of its lane if the turn signal
is not in operation
TPMSTire Pressure Monitoring Systemcontinuously measures tire pressure in each of the vehicle’s wheels,
monitoring it from the dashboard