Materiality Analysis

For CNH Industrial, the materiality analysis is an important tool to identify and prioritize economic, environmental, and social measures consistent with its business strategy, and to set out the Sustainability Report contents according to GRI-G4 international reporting guidelines.

In terms of sustainability reporting, CNH Industrial defines material aspects as those that significantly impact business performance and that are perceived as most relevant by stakeholders.

CNH Industrial’s materiality analysis complies with AA1000 criteria and employs a multi-year approach. The first year focused on defining and prioritizing material aspects with top management. In 2014, the second year, the analysis was broadened to include the perceptions of some stakeholder categories and the suggestions collected for revising the material aspects.



Since the materiality analysis is used by CNH Industrial as an integrated business tool, the process is never static.

Rather, it is updated every year in line with developments within the Company and the context in which it operates.


G4-18; G4-48